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Rough and Ready, California, is a community with about 1,000 residents in the Sierra Nevada. This Nevada County town is about 60 miles from Sacramento.


As the California Gold Rush got underway in 1849, a Wisconsin mining company established a settlement in the middle of the area where gold had been discovered. The settlement was named Rough and Ready to pay homage to Pres. Zachary Taylor, who was nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready." The leader of the Wisconsin miners, Capt. A. A. Townsend, had fought with Taylor in the Mexican-American War.

The community made news in 1850 when its citizens voted to secede from the United States. They were upset with a new tax on mining claims, and they did not approve of the prohibition of alcohol that was in effect in the county. They formed the "Great Republic of Rough and Ready," but they had a change of heart just three months later, as Independence Day approached.

Parks and Recreation

Avid anglers and water sports enthusiasts will find a number of reservoirs that will speak to their interests. To the east, Scott's Flat Lake provides fishermen with a fine mix of species like brown trout, largemouth bass, bluegills and salmon. The state also stocks the lake with rainbow trout during the summer.

Attractions and Activities

A variety of wineries are located in Nevada County. One is Pilot Peak Vineyard and Winery, a Penn Valley facility that offers wine tastings, tours and panoramic views of the vineyards and the surrounding mountains.


Secession Days is an annual June celebration that recalls the unique moment in 1850 when Rough and Ready voted to "secede" from the Union. A pancake breakfast kicks off the festivities. Arts and crafts booths include a tremendous assortment of handmade items, and many residents with Rough & Ready CA homes stock up on souvenirs. The day's activities culminate in "The Saga of Rough and Ready," a live musical melodrama that commemorates the unique early history of the town.

Despite the community's raucous past, today Rough and Ready is a scenic and quiet community. As a result, the number of Rough & Ready homes for sale are usually rather modest in number. Some Rough & Ready CA real estate consists of modern Rough & Ready properties on acreage. Some of these homes for sale in Rough & Ready will include desirable amenities like multi-car garages, deluxe kitchens and energy-efficient systems.

Rough & Ready real estate also includes rustic homes in secluded hillside locations. Such real estate in Rough & Ready will often include five acres of land or more. The potential Rough & Ready home buyer can work with a skilled Rough & Ready real estate agent to better focus on the best properties available. Kurt Congdon can tell you more.
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